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Product Directory

Why We're Here

The answer is simple - we're here because nobody else is doing it. Currently, dildo manufacturers can choose to label their product a "medical device" and submit to hefty fees and testing, or simply avoid regulation altogether. The problem is, in the absence of regulation, consumers suffer. Many dildos seem to contain materials called phthalates, which have been linked to both cancer and autism[1] and which are banned [2] in regulated industries like children's toys. So we're stepping in. Dildology.org exists to independently verify the material content of sex toys, and to provide the results of our testing to the community and to the world at large.

What You'll Find

Each product page will contain information on the sex toy, its manufacturer, and where, when, and how it was acquired. When testing is complete, lab results will be entered, associated documents will be uploaded, and the product will be given a score: most will receive either Verified (when the test results match the manufacturer's claims), or Invalid (when the test results differ from the manufacturer's claims). Information about manufacturers, product lines, and testing labs will also be available. Links to Wikipedia may be used where relevant, at least for the time being.

How to Navigate

The links at the right will take you to the product pages - expand a section by clicking the plus sign next to it, and visit the various product and manufacturer pages by clicking their names.


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